County Referendum 6: New northeast city

If you live in a specific section of northeast Miami-Dade, you’ll see this item on your ballot. It is about the creation of a new municipality in the county.

Here’s the official wording:

Shall the Miami-Dade County board of county commissioners be authorized to create a new municipality in the area of northeast Miami-Dade with the following outermost boundaries?

  • Northern boundary: County line
  • Eastern boundary: City limits of Aventura (Biscayne Blvd.)
  • Southern boundary: City limits of North Miami Beach
  • Western boundary: Interstate 95

This question is asking residents in an unincorporated section of northeast Miami-Dade to approve the creation of a new city in the area. This approval would be a pretty big deal, because the county hasn’t added a new city, town or village since 2005, when Cutler Bay was incorporated.

Supporters say it’s a great opportunity for residents in the area to control their own destiny and to have fully invested local leadership.  Opponents worry that the new city will lead to more taxes and increased development once they leave the county.

Approval also wouldn’t make the city official right away. The city would still have to establish a name, set up its government (including electing a mayor and commissioners), and set up an agreement with the county.

If residents in the area vote yes, then the county will create the new municipality.

If residents in the area vote no, then the plan won’t proceed and the new city won’t be created.