What Cubans are saying about the US election

HAVANA — With just weeks until the presidential election, Cubans on the island don’t think either candidate will make a difference in their lives. Many support Hillary Clinton because of her ties to President Barack Obama and his action on better relations with Cuba, but generally Cubans think everything will continue as normal, whoever wins.

While the reestablishment of relations between Washington and Havana has brought the opening of embassies, direct mail service, American cruise ships, and direct commercial flights, so far it has made little difference in the daily lives of most Cubans, who still struggle with the most basic necessities: food, transportation, and housing.

We went out on the streets in Havana to see what a few Habaneros had to say.

Teo Escobar and Jorge Guillen are working with The New Tropic through the the Cuban Journalism Fellowship, an initiative of the International Center for Journalists with support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. The fellowship seeks to strengthen ties between Cuban independent journalists and their counterparts in the United States.