Cuban artists in Miami react to Fidel Castro’s death

It was an emotional weekend for Cubans and Cuban-Americans. After more than 50 years in power and multiple death hoaxes, Fidel Castro died late Friday night. Families and friends immediately took to the streets for the catharsis they have yearned for for decades.

But within just a few hours of Castro’s death was announced human rights activists and known dissidents have been arrested on the island according to Cuban journalist Iván Hernandez. Miami-based artist, El Sexto, who was in Cuba at the time, was also arrested and detained for demonstrating in the streets. He was on his way back to Miami for an Art Basel show. [Editor’s note: The author of this piece has a personal relationship with the artist.]

At the intersection of Castro’s death and the beginning of Art Basel, we reached out to Cuban and Cuban-American artists based in Miami to hear their thoughts on what Castro’s death means for them as Cuban artists as well what it means for Cuba’s future.

LuisEligio de Omni, a Cuban artist and activist:


Kizzy Maria de Omni, a Cuban artist and activist:


Griselle Gajano, a Cuban-American artist: