Daniel Anthony Perez

Daniel Anthony Perez

District 116



Florida State University

Loyola University New Orleans College of Law (J.D.)

Board of Directors for the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida, vice chair of the Miami-Dade County Hispanic Affairs Board, member of the Cuban American Bar Association

The controversial education bill – HB 7069 – allots public funds to privately owned charter schools. Where do you stand on this issue?

I’m in agreement with this bill, because of the results. It touches something that’s close to my heart: special education. The bill reaches out to provide funds for programming for people with mental disabilities such as autism and down syndrome, which is very important to me.

Amendment 2, aka the medical marijuana amendment, passed by 71 percent statewide. But legislation governing the implementation of the amendment has put significant restrictions on its use. Do you think the bill accurately reflects the will of the voters?

I’m on the board of directors for the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida. My brother is epileptic. I think with the right regulations medical marijuana would be extremely beneficial to the state of Florida, which is, I think, what the voters have spoken. There’s some parts that we do need to regulate and slowly grow, but it is a positive for our state and for those like my brother who suffer from epilepsy.

There were many open carry bills in the last legislative session and it remains a controversial topic. How would you vote on bills concerning where people can and cannot openly carry guns?

That would have to be taken on a case by case basis, but I am pro the Second Amendment.

What is the most important issue to you as you run for this seat?

In 116, the main issue is property taxes – making sure we keep property taxes low and simultaneously supporting and taking care of our elderly and providing them with the right support, services, and lowered property taxes. I just want people to know I’m the only candidate in this race that lived in the district before this election process began. This is my home, I’m the only candidate that’s registered to vote here. This is where I went to high school, this is where I pay my property taxes. I want to serve my community.