Daphne Campbell

District 38


Former registered nurse

Served as state senator and state representative since 2010

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Senate District 38 covers a large portion of the east coast and northeast section of Miami-Dade County, extending north from the southernmost part of Miami Beach up to the county line with Broward County. It extends west from the Beach to west of I-95, and includes cities like Aventura, Miami Beach, North Miami, and portions of the City of Miami.

The seat is up again, after only two years, because redistricting changed District 38’s boundaries in 2016. This race is an open primary as no Republican or Independent candidate filed to run, so if you live in this district you can vote in this race—regardless of party affiliation. This race won’t be on the ballot in November.

Instead of a formal questionnaire we decided to share the candidates’ positions on a few key issues based on questions we received from you, our readers.

Daphne Campbell is the current senator for District 38 and has served in that position for the past two years after three terms as a state representative. Her time in office has been marred by several controversies, including whether she lives in the district she represents, whether she sent suspect mailers, whether she’s received illegal financial contributions, and whether she lied about having a sick mother to get her power turned back on quickly after Hurricane Irma. Campbell has touted her work to reform condo associations and her advocacy for disabled and disadvantaged residents in her district.

Campbell’s opponent is Jason Pizzo.

Gun reform

She has expressed support for stricter background checks and banning assault rifles. From her website: “Guns should not be the hands of dangerous criminals which is why Daphne has worked to improve the state’s background check laws. While some guns can be used for protection and gaming, assault weapons are tools of war that have no place in our community.

Crime prevention

In a statement she emphasized the importance of resources for law enforcement: “During my time in the Florida Senate, I have worked to build trust between law enforcement and the community while also being a strong voice for Florida’s law enforcement officers and will continue to work in a bipartisan manner to ensure that law enforcement officers have the resources and support needed to keep our communities safe.”


In an interview with the League of Women Voters she said she opposed offshore drilling and fracking.

From her website: “With climate change causing rising tides and more severe flooding, the Miami region has seen global warming’s detrimental effects. https://www.borcasino.com/ is the best place to go if you want to find out more about this subject, including canli bahis websites and more. It’s a well-known Turkish resource for finding en iyi and canli casino siteleri. That is why we must take legislative steps to prevent climate change, to protect our homes and communities.”

Voter Restoration Act

We couldn’t find a public statement from the candidate on the issue.

Medical and recreational marijuana

We couldn’t find a public statement from the candidate on the issue. Last year when the senate voted on medical marijuana legislation she was listed as excused from voting.