How did Florida really vote this election? Not red or blue, but a whole lot of purple

Rebekah Monson and Roshan Nebhrajani contributed to this post. 

It’s been a week and lots of folks are still trying to make sense of this presidential election. We keep talking about red states and blue states, the rust-belt Americans and the urban elites.

But here’s a little secret: those red and blue lines aren’t quite that crisp. The country actually looks like a sea of purple. A few days ago, @EmmieMears tweeted out this great map that super simply illustrates that nuance:


Here’s an interactive version. We zoomed in on our home state, Florida — a swing state that was crucial to Donald Trump’s win. The traditional map of Florida looks like a sea of red with sparse blue rectangles scattered throughout.

But a more accurate map looks a little something like this:

Instead of visualizing a binary blue or red based on a simple majority, the map assigns different shades of purple to different proportions of Democratic-Republican votes.

No county is pure blue or pure red, which means there’s at least a few people who didn’t vote like you living right next door, who are your neighbors and friends.

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