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1st Tournament: South Florida League of Lady Arm Wrestlers


Join us on Saturday, December 8th at 11:30 PM for the first ever South Florida League of Lady Arm Wrestlers Tournament! All ticket proceeds benefit Fanm Ayisyen Nan Miyami.

SoFLLAW — South Florida League of Lady Arm Wrestlers — is an association of superbad women arm wrestling each other to raise money for women-initiated causes in our community. We are committed to supporting our community in and around South Florida, fostering the joy that comes from acts of public foolishness and arm wrestling. SoFLLAW exists to empower all women and strengthen communities through theater, arm wrestling, and philanthropy.

Each competitor has her own wrestling persona, complete with costume, bio, theme song, and a posse of supporters to get the crowd fired up and betting on its wrestler. All proceeds raised from “bets” and any cover charges go to a chosen local charity that benefits women and girls. SoFLLAW members will nominate and vote on charities to support.

At each event, wrestlers compete in double elimination tournament-style. The final two winners proceed to the final round, which is decided again by the best of three bouts. The winner receives a trophy and some serious bragging rights. Rules are determined and managed by the referees.

Master of Ceremonies: MISS TOTO
National Anthem sung by Amanda Plasencia DiLillo
Announcers: John Rodriguez Josh Hamilton Peter Mir
Producer: Matthew Mur




Rhonda Michasels

Bettie Rage

El Beastie

Kitty Purry

Stella Aldrin

Pizza Viking




and more!

Stay tuned for more announcements on all our wrestlers and crew!