Experts say to wash your hands for 20 seconds to fight coronavirus. Here are 9 Miami songs to help pass the time

More and more cases of coronavirus are being announced each day in Florida, and it’s a safe bet that more are coming. Health officials and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have a hotline and plenty of tips for folks looking to avoid spreading the virus. Their main tip? Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds.

Most experts suggest “Happy Birthday to You” as a good way to pass that time, but we (and a few folks in other cities and on Twitter) think that’s a little lame for us here in SoFla. So here’s a list of nine songs that we’re sure will help you with handwashing in a much more Miami way.

“Mix it Up” by DJ Uncle Al

This song is a certified Miami classic, and if you can cue this up or replicate the intro’s iconic “It’s tiiiiiime, bass is gonna blooooow your mind” and a little bit of booty shaking while at the sink, then 20 seconds will have definitely passed.

“Echa Pa’lla” (Manos Pa’rriba)” by Pitbull

The chorus lasts a little more than 20 seconds but you’ll have to resist the urge to follow the song’s instructions and keep your hands under the water. But hey, you can lift ‘em and wave ‘em around once you’re done.

“Who Dat” by JT Money

This classic track is pretty easy to remember as you wash up because of the easy repetition. And if you want a more modern take you can sub in the New York/Atlanta collab from A$AP Ferg and Migos.

“On the Floor” by Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull

Even if the actual song isn’t the thing you sing or hum to yourself as you’re washing your hands, you can always hum the original melody — a tune that ice cream trucks from Little Havana to Kendall blast just as much as “Happy Birthday to You.”

“I’m a Thug” by Trick Daddy

Locals know that Trick loves the kids and if you’d love a bouncy track while you’re trying to keep your hands clean, we think this one will help the time pass pretty quickly. 

“I Wanna be the One” by Stevie B

No Miami playlist, even for handwashing, would be complete without a little freestyle music, so we decided to include this one. The lyrics about kissing and hugging might seem a little ironic given the current advice from health officials, but this is still a jam.

“Scrub da Ground” by Splack Pack

We had to include this one because it’s already got scrubbing in the song (albeit for a very different reason) and if you need extra motivation you can just sub out “da ground” for “your hands!” We also understand if that seems too corny.

“That’s the Way (I Like It)” by KC and the Sunshine Band

The legendary band was made in Dade and while this track’s chorus might be a little under 20 seconds, we’re sure that you can repeat it for long enough to do a thorough job.

“Miami” by Will Smith

If you’ve ever had a friend come to visit the city, it’s a safe bet that they’ve made a joke about this song. So why not use that as some inspiration to really wash away those germs as you work out your frustration over this song’s stereotypical take on the 305. 

Got any more suggestions? Drop ’em in the comments. And here’s a playlist with all of these tracks.