Florida Governor

This is the race that many voters have had been fixed on since the August primary and the contest is between Democrat Andrew Gillum, the mayor of Tallahassee, and Republican Ron DeSantis, a former U.S. congressional representative.

The two men both represent new waves in their respective parties: Gillum has run a progressive platform and supported ideas like expanding healthcare access and raising the state’s minimum wage while DeSantis has pushed for stronger immigration policies and been boosted by the vocal support of President Donald Trump.

Based on the questions you had for the candidates, and factoring in some hot topics, we we sent questionnaires to the candidates asking them about the following issues: the environment, criminal justice reform, gun control, education, the economy, healthcare, Puerto Rico, immigration and affordable housing. Here are the questions we sent to the Gillum and DeSantis campaigns.

Thanks to Mary-Margaret Dale, Evian White de Leon and Patrick, Alexander, and Damian (who all chose not to share their last names) for your questions.

The campaigns did not respond in time for publication so we’ve linked to information on them to to their campaign websites. We will update their profiles if the candidates respond before Election Day.

Andrew Gillum is the Democratic candidate for governor of Florida.

Ron DeSantis is the Republican candidate for governor of Florida.