Friday Mixtape: DJ Atman

Dylan Lopez, aka DJ Atman, is the host of Groove Capsule on WRGP 95.3 FM Friday nights from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. His name has changed throughout the years, but his music stays the same. Specializing in chill beats and ambient music, DJ Atman has put together the perfect mix for an afternoon of relaxation.

What’s on this mixtape?

The mixtape I put together for The New Tropic is very representative of the style I’m headed in right now. It has a lot of break-beat tracks that are melodic and driven on percussion. It has some really heavy low ends, all very straight-forward, nothing really too crazy. That’s the first half of the mix and the second half, I go into your standard 4/4. It’s melodic and techy sounding. It goes through a lot of ups and downs. Starts at a relaxed pace and gets a little darker. 

What’s your music like?

The music that I’ve been making, I would say is very “four-on-the-floor” and house-driven. It’s kind of like a classic 90’s house style with my twist. It has some melodic elements to it. Other than that, I like to keep it very simple, classy house-style.

When did you start making music? 

Courtesy of Dylan LopezI started making music in the summer of 2011 and I was using the program FL Studio on a PC. I wasn’t making anything coherent, it was just me learning the ropes and messing around. Then I kind of started taking it more seriously. In the last two years, when I started working with Abelton, a music program, that’s when things got more serious for me and I starting trying to get more serious with my tracks and compositions. I wanted to get it out there more for myself than anything. 

Who are your musical influences? 

As far as house music right now, Masters at Work, Carrie Chandler, and Larry Herd. Those are the names that got me into house music and producing all that stuff. 

Who’s in your headphones right now?

There’s these two guys that I’ve been playing a lot and become a huge fan of —  Gri & Bratias. I think they’re amazing. Their stuff is like techy and melodic. It’s house, but also very uplifting. They have a deep sound. 

Where can we find your stuff? 

I have a Soundcloud page. On it, I have all the tracks I’ve released and a bunch of mixes that showcase what you can expect from me if you were to come see me play live somewhere.