Get to know Lance, the new director of The New Tropic

Since day one, The New Tropic’s been all about helping Miamians make the most of our city by engaging complex issues, having new local experiences, and discovering the hidden gems all around us. So with all that in mind, we want to fill you in on who will be taking the lead as director of The New Tropic — our very own storytelling producer, Lance Dixon.

Where is his predecessor, Natasha Del Toro, off to? She’s moving on to a great new opportunity to create documentaries. 📹But don’t worry; the New Tropic you know and love is always here to help you #livelikeyoulivehere.

Here are a few words Lance wanted to share, and feel free to reach out to him at [email protected]:

Hello, New Tropic readers! In the past year and a half I’ve worked to help craft our newsletter, report on tricky topics, and give you new ways to explore the 305 and beyond.

Whether it’s been breaking down complex gun legislation, trying to make sense of a historic recount election, showcasing Miami’s best trivia nights, or just explaining how a police car got on the side of a building, I’ve been working to help you all and I’m excited to do that in an even bigger way in this new role.

For those that don’t know me, I’m a Miami kid through and through. Born in North Shore Hospital, raised in what’s now called Miami Gardens, and a proud graduate of Miami Northwestern Senior High. I went away for college and came back in 2013 to a city that had changed dramatically.

And I then spent about four and a half years writing about multiple pockets of our beloved SoFlo as a local government and general assignment reporter for The Miami Herald.

When I joined The New Tropic, I wanted to be closer to what real people were saying and talking about, and to try to understand what they were curious about or didn’t understand about where we live. Miami’s got a lot of issues to deal with: we’re an inequitable place, we’re in the middle of a climate crisis, our long-promised transportation solutions still feel nascent, and that’s just the beginning.

And I’m pumped to play in role in tackling these issues, but I need your help.

Whether you’re stumped about millage rates or taxes around budget season, have questions about anything from Miami Gardens to Medley, or are just wondering about the best karaoke spots in town, your questions, ideas, and inspirations are what The New Tropic is all about.

So please reach out to me at [email protected], DM me on Twitter, say hey if you see me around town, just reach out and let me know how The New Tropic can help you engage with and understand this place we all call home.

Finally, since I first heard Jay Z’s “Public Service Announcement,” I’ve wanted an excuse to say this in an official setting so: Allow me to reintroduce myself.

Now let’s do this, Miami. Hope to see y’all soon. 😎