Gina Sosa

U.S. Congress District 27

Film producer

Former Committeewoman for the Republican Executive Committee in Miami-Dade County

Sosa is a former real estate professional, who now runs a film production company. The Cuban-American holds an undergraduate degree from Saint Peter’s College and earned her MBA at FIU. Sosa became a leader in the local Log Cabin Republicans and served as Committeewoman for the Republican Executive Committee in Miami-Dade County.


NRA grade: F


  • Increasing Funding for Public School Security
  • Allocate funds to the identification of  individuals who are in possession of a firearm pose a danger to themselves, and poses a threat to others.
  • Enabling law enforcement to confiscate firearms from individuals who pose a danger to themselves and pose a threat to others.
  • Regulating Bump Stocks and High-Capacity Magazines
  • Mandatory Waiting Period
  • Legislation that Prevents Third-Parties from Purchasing Violent Video Games for Minors



  • A pathway to legalization for those adults that were brought to the United States as children
  • Building a border wall
  • Legislation that revamps our visa system to a more fair and efficient merit-based immigration system
  • Legislation that provides additional resources so law enforcement can keep track of those that overstay their visas
  • Continuing to offer safe haven for those people being persecuted by oppressive and tyrannical regimes



  • Reducing Red Tape and Overregulation
  • Lower Taxes
  • Developing Strong Workforce Development Programs



  • Policies that protect both our environment and tourism industry
  • Safely tapping into natural gas, clean coal, solar, and wind technology
  • Reef restoration efforts to reduce the threat of rising sea levels to our coastal communities.
  • Locally driven approaches because Floridians should take the lead on the protection of our environment.