Group 6: Blake Young

Blake Young

Group 6


Regional sales manager of a valve manufacturing company

This post is part of our voter guide for the Nov. 5 local elections. Head to the main landing page for a guide to some other key races.

Commission seats in Miami Beach are at-large positions, so the groups don’t represent any particular neighborhood or section of the city.

This interview has been lightly edited. Young’s opponents are Adrian Gonzalez, Mohammed Islam, and David Richardson.

What would your top 3 priorities be as commissioner?

Safety, environment, and physical responsibility

What does a resilient and sustainable city look like to you?

A city where we recycle and provide and promote green energy. A city that guards water quality jealously and doesn’t accept the inevitability of pollution. A city that promotes diverse modes of transportation and offer safe solutions for all exist in safety. A city that learns.

What will you do to increase transparency and accountability for public officials?

Have a meeting at more convenient times so more residents can speak. Continue to reach out to HOA and neighborhood associations to make sure the city and residents are on the same page.

What steps should Miami Beach take to combat homelessness?

We must enforce all laws regardless of personal situations. Homeless should be encouraged to join programs and take positive steps in their lives. I would like to see programs where caseworkers are given commissions for real success. I am a business person and believe business principles work in many traditionally non-business endeavors. Why not with this problem?!

What does responsible development look like in Miami Beach?

It looks like what the residents want it to look like. We should not lose touch with our past while progressing. Building super tall buildings is not a solution, but a place like [North Beach] definitely needs more people for economic viability.

How do you think areas like Washington Avenue and Lincoln Road should address their vacancies and lost businesses?

We should promote as much a possible, but vacancy fees seem to be an option. When you live in a community, we can be selfish. Make as much money as you can, but if it hurts the community, then the city has an obligation to address it.

Do you support the latest Baylink proposals to connect Miami and Miami Beach? Yes as long as it includes MIA International airport in its route,

What steps should the city take to reduce pollution in Biscayne Bay and on the beaches? I want all sewer lines to be searched for leaks and fixed asap. I would like to see storm runoff collected with many methods other than direct bay discharge. (ie Storage Tanks and Wells)

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