Purunchi Koredor

Purunchi, tucked away in a nondescript building on the outskirts of Willemstad, is so unassuming you might think you got lost and ended up at someone’s house. (You wouldn’t be wrong, the owners live upstairs.) But walk through the kitchen and you’ll end up at the restaurant on the back porch, with turquoise Caribbean water underfoot and all around you. Calvin Adanus will be filleting just-caught fish in the back corner (which is the whole reason you’re here) and his delightful wife, Gina, will teach you about each piece of fish on your plate (from standards like tuna to the local fave purunchi, which the restaurant is named after). Make a reservation – there’s only room for about 30 people and it fills up quick.

What they do: Fish restaurant
Website: Visit Here
Price: $5-$20
Phone: +599 9 511 3213
Hours: Varies, call ahead
Address: John F. Kennedy Boulevard, Willemstad