Hampton House: then and now

In the 1960s and 70s, segregation meant that black entertainers, politicians, and other luminaries could only stay in “colored town” when they were visiting Miami or Miami Beach. Jazz legends like Count Basie and Aretha Franklin would head back to modern-day Overtown and Liberty City after their performances for an after party at the hotels in black neighborhoods of Miami— among them the Hampton House in Brownsville.

The Hampton House was also a place where greats like Martin Luther King Jr., Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X spent time when they were in Miami. Locals recently rescued the iconic site from demolition and have restored it to its former glory. 

Take a trip through time with us. Move the slider to see the photo in the 1960s during the Hampton House’s heyday and how it looks now almost four decades later, following restoration.

Lets start with Martin Luther King Jr. as he takes a dip in the pool, which has been turned into a fountain.

Next up, we have Muhammad Ali, who threw a victory party at the Hampton House after beating Sonny Liston in their iconic fight in 1964.

The entrance of the Hampton House.

The 24-hour diner used to be a hit all day and all night.

Socialites hung out by the pool at the Hampton House.

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