Here’s why Miami loves Mr. 305 so much

WHO IS HE? Armando Perez. International recording artist, king of the term “Dale” and Miami native.

WHY DOES MIAMI LOVE HIM SO MUCH? Because he’s Miami through-and-through. His first major label album is named after the city and before he was writing World Cup anthems and known as Mr. Worldwide, he was Mr. 305. He got co-signs from Uncle Luke of 2 Live Crew fame and Lil’ Jon at the peak of crunk music’s heyday, even before artists like Rick Ross and DJ Khaled broke out into the mainstream. He hasn’t forgotten those roots even as he’s risen to global fame and Dade County will always appreciate him for it.

WHAT ELSE HAS HE BEEN UP TO? He’s also the founder of the Sports and Leadership Management (SLAM) Academy, a charter school in the heart of Little Havana that also has a location in West Palm Beach.

FUN FACT: One of his first verses was on an Uncle Luke song called “Lollipop” back in 2001. The lyrics are pretty NSFW, so maybe plug in your headphones first.

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