Here’s your guide to the best Instagram spots during Art Basel 2019

While many of us would like to pretend we’re interested in Basel because we want to discuss multidisciplinary artists and motifs (and we know you’re out there, no disrespect intended!), a lot of us are just in it for the Instagram love.

Whether it’s posing under a massive rainbow with Pac Man characters or wandering through an exhibit dedicated to Banksy, there have been plenty of chances to get a great shot for your Instagram feed.

So with that in mind, here’s a look at some of the Insta-worthy spots we’ll be checking out this year. And if you do strike a pose at any of these places, be sure to tag @thenewtropic on the ‘Gram. And check out our full guide here.

Giant Trolls at Pinecrest Gardens

If you want to get away from the madness of South Beach, Downtown, and Wynwood, then here’s something a little different that would also be a fun shot to get for the ‘Gram. Artist Thomas Dambo, with the help of some volunteers, has built two giant trolls — named Berta and Terje — who will arrive just in time for Basel. Admission to the Gardens is $5 and is free for kids who are 2 or younger.

“Better Nights” at The Bass Museum

Internationally acclaimed artist Mickalene Thomas is bringing an interactive art experience to the Bass Museum called “Better Nights.” It’s a tribute to Thomas’s mother and will replicate the 1970s-era apartment where her mom would host parties while also showcasing some other contemporary artists of color. You can find more info on what looks to be a super unique installation by heading here.

The Museum of Graffiti

We included a nod to this museum in our list of Basel recommendations. We’d also recommend  busting out your best rap squat for a pose in front of its showcases of throwback and modern graffiti. Head here to grab tickets. And if you’d rather not go the museum route, you could also strike a pose in front of one of the many massive pieces of art at this year’s Basel House Mural Festival. The museum and the fest are both going down in Wynwood.

Luminosa Chinese Lantern Festival at Jungle Island

This festival has technically been open for a little while and isn’t officially affiliated with Art Basel, but it will be open during Miami Art Week and will be a great addition to your feed. The colorful lantern display includes 13 acres of trails, a unique mix of lanterns, and daily acrobatic shows that you can probably capture in a Boomerang or two. Find more info and get tickets here.

The Artechouse

This space has been both a local and tourist-y hotspot since first arriving in South Beach during last year’s Basel, and it’s sure to be a great space for all the Insta-boyfriends and girlfriends tasked with capturing the perfect shot. 

The big feature this year is an exhibition called “Infinite Space” that “explores memories and dreams through the mind of a machine by using data sets ranging from human memories, photographs of Mars, cultural archives and sea surface activity as data sculptures and digital paintings.” Sounds like it’ll make the perfect moody profile pic or fun IG story. Head here for info and tickets.