Here’s your ultimate interactive guide to Miami’s 11 best running routes

The new year is well underway and many Miamians are looking to hit the streets and pedestrians paths to get in shape for 2018. That’s why we’ve put together an interactive tour of 11 awesome running routes across Miami that are scenic and good for runners of all skill levels. Each running route in this guide has a 360° map you can use to scroll around and get a good sense of what you can expect to see on your run. So stretch, hydrate and get ready to hit the road. (P.S. if you’re on your phone, double tap each map to navigate the route)

1. Rickenbacker Causeway

Start: Alice Wainwright Park, 2845 Brickell Ave
End: Near Miami Seaquarium, 4400 Rickenbacker Causeway. For the adventurous, extend the run into Virginia Key State Park, 4020 Virginia Beach Dr.
Distance: 3 or about 3.6 miles

This is one of the most popular and scenic routes Miami has to offer. You can get plenty of #seenonmyrun shots here of the ocean and Biscayne Bay as you run along a long, challenging path.


[panoramic panoid=”X0qathvmgM8SA-hiQV8jEA” x=”128.16″ y=”-1.38″ z=”1.73″ eclick=”1″ ecompass=”1″ escroll=”1″ w=”100%”]


2. Miami Beach Boardwalk

Start: Indian Beach Park, 4601 Collins Ave.
End: South Pointe Park
Distance: 4 miles

This route gives an awesome two-for-one special of great Beach views and even better people watching as you make your way to the heart of South Beach. The reward at the end? An awesome view of the water at South Pointe Park Pier.


[panoramic panoid=”CAoSLEFGMVFpcE81MVdGcnNfaHVCZWtBZ0w4YlU3bTZZTEk0emZzQ245Wk5wakZt” x=”111.24″ y=”0.74″ z=”1.00″ eclick=”1″ ecompass=”1″ escroll=”1″ w=”100%”]


3. Gables to the Grove

Start: Cocoplum Circle at Southwest 42nd Avenue
End: Alice Wainwright Park
Distance: About 5.2 miles

Running along this route gives you a chance to see some nature as you make your way through the famous tree canopies of Coral Gables and Coconut Grove.


[panoramic panoid=”tYw6m3zdBW9H2CmnNMWM8w” x=”196.30″ y=”10.61″ z=”1.00″ eclick=”1″ ecompass=”1″ escroll=”1″]


4. Downtown Miami- River Walk Trail

Start: Brickell Key Drive and Brickell Avenue
End: Museum Park, 1075 Biscayne Blvd.
Distance: 2 miles

If you’re just itching to get a look at where the Marathon will kick off, this route takes you through Brickell and past Bayfront Park and the American Airlines Arena. Also, the River Walk Trail provides a super clutch pedestrian-only path for the entire journey. You can tack on a little extra distance by running around Brickell Key.


[panoramic panoid=”HPHNdjeKQgzgmrmLbNCnpw” x=”359.21″ y=”19.14″ z=”1.00″ eclick=”1″ ecompass=”1″ escroll=”1″]


5. Venetian Causeway

Start: Enter at either 15th Street from Miami or Venetian Way from the Beach
End: Venetian Way or 15th Street
Distance: About 3 miles one-way

Another popular route for locals, the causeway provides some great views and a peek at how the other half lives on the exclusive bayfront islands. Plus, the low-speed limit, wide sidewalks, and bike lanes mean fewer run-ins with crazy Miami drivers.


[panoramic panoid=”JVK9Xu9H3rcfXSO4bZUGlA” x=”93.70″ y=”18.52″ z=”1.00″ eclick=”1″ ecompass=”1″ escroll=”1″]


6. Northern Miami Beach to Bal Harbour Pier

Start: 65th Street and Collins Ave.
End: Bal Harbour Pier at 96th Street
Distance: About 3 miles

Not a fan of people with cobras on their shoulders and slow-walking tourists? This path gives you all the great oceanfront views of running on South Beach but with more chill vibes as you make your way toward the pier. (Note: Google has limited functionality on this route, so we’ve included this view instead.)


[panoramic panoid=”CAoSLEFGMVFpcFBOMDdrYmRMeXRlWWpuR3M1SGdLTjEwUHdhVnRiQ3RlSDZxcHgw” x=”160.00″ y=”0.00″ z=”1.00″ eclick=”1″ escroll=”1″ ezoom=”1″]


7. The running trails at Bill Baggs Park

Start: Inside the park, 1200 Crandon Blvd., just past the El Farito Lighthouse
End: Just past the No-Name Harbor
Distance: About one mile but the route extends through the park

This route’s a great chance to separate yourself from the big buildings and honking horns for a while so you can connect with the beautiful outdoors. And for an added bonus, you can see Stiltsville out in the distance!


[panoramic panoid=”1uidg94morW2oDMNPmCPfQ” x=”160.00″ y=”0.00″ z=”1.00″ eclick=”1″ escroll=”1″ ezoom=”1″]


8. Snake Creek Canal trail

Start: Daniel Diefenbach Park, near East Greynolds Park at Northeast 170th Street and West Dixie Highway
End: Sierra Park, 19601 NE 1st Place
Distance: About 3.7 miles

This trail offers lush trees and mangroves, taking you near East Greynolds Park and extending for several miles through northern Miami-Dade if you’re up for a longer run.


[panoramic panoid=”biZki2hB8UAyWvoFNHMjvA” x=”343.67″ y=”12.27″ z=”1.00″ eclick=”1″ escroll=”1″ ezoom=”1″]

9. Running trails at Coral Reef Park

Start: Beginning of the park’s fitness trail, 7895 SW 152nd St
End: End of the park’s fitness trail
Distance: About 1.16 miles

This is something more casual for South Dade folks. This park is about 50 acres and attracts plenty of birds and wildlife that could inspire a pic or two when you’re taking a breather.


[panoramic panoid=”ApwUJlEyM8GuybrcACKUyg” x=”58.30″ y=”10.96″ z=”1.00″ eclick=”1″ ezoom=”1″ escroll=”1″]


10. Don Soffer Fitness Trail

Start: Beginning of the park’s fitness trail, 19999 W Country Club Dr.
End: End of the park’s fitness trail
Distance: About 3.1 miles

At the other end of town, this is a relaxing spot for a run around the nearby golf course. And Aventura Mall’s nearby if you decide on some retail therapy after your run.


[panoramic panoid=”lpTYf7Oc8Lcr74KclVcaTQ” x=”71.44″ y=”9.30″ z=”0.96″ eclick=”1″ escroll=”1″ ezoom=”1″]

11. Along Old Cutler Road in Coral Gables

Start: Cocoplum traffic circle near Cartagena Park, 375 Cocoplum Road
End: Matheson Hammock Park, 9610 Old Cutler Rd
Distance: About 2 miles

For a description of this one, we’ll borrow from one of our readers, Robert Rosenberg, who said this trail is like “you are in a rural place, far from the city.” It’s a peaceful slice of Miami-Dade and leads to one of the most beautiful parks in South Florida, so make sure you pick the right Instagram filter. 😉


[panoramic panoid=”Hs54KtTMJ6q62IVZc7osYA” x=”174.37″ y=”16.72″ z=”1.00″ eclick=”1″ escroll=”1″ ezoom=”1″]


Thanks to all The New Tropic readers who sent in suggestions of what to check out like: Maggie Diaz-Vera, Robert Rosenberg, Andrew Cortez, Stephen Sellier and so many more.

Know of other routes we should highlight? Tell us at [email protected].