Why are Hialeah’s streets different from the rest of Miami? Let us explain

WHAT IS IT? An extremely confusing street grid that’s organized differently from the rest of the county and confusing AF to navigate if you didn’t grow up in the city, or don’t pass through it often.

HELP ME UNDERSTAND. Ok, so. Hialeah is one of the oldest cities in the county (incorporated in 1925!) and when the grid that we all know and love—where street numbers, y’know, stay the same and you can tell exactly where a spot is just from the address—was being developed it didn’t extend into Hialeah. The city has always been super independent (they have their own library system, police and fire departments) so it’s not surprising that they went ahead and developed their own grid.

GOT AN EXAMPLE? Basically, Northwest 54th Street becomes Hialeah Drive in the city limits and acts as the north/south dividing line. Northwest 47th Avenue (a.k.a Palm Avenue) is the east/west divider and things go from there.

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Still confused? Check out this guide to Hialeah’s streets. We’ll be rolling out more entries in the Miamipedia in the coming months but we know there’s stuff we haven’t thought about. Hit reply and let us know or hit us up at [email protected] to tell us any other suuuper Miami terms, phrases and people we should include. Until then, you can check out the previous installments here.