How to get in on the action of the Miami Grand Prix

🏎️ All About the Miami Grand Prix

By Grace DeWitt

Start your engines, Miami. It’s Friday, and race weekend has finally arrived.

The entirety of my Formula 1 fandom consists of attending the fan festival in Downtown Miami back in 2018. As someone who knows basically nothing about the sport, I can still confidently say it’s a sport of extremes. And as we approach the first turn (trying my best here!) taking us into F1 Miami Grand Prix weekend, emotions are at extremes, too — total regret for having not yet watched Drive to Survive (that’s me) or total anticipation after the show turned you into a F1 devotee.

Wherever you are on the F1 spectrum, in the same spirit as Tuesday’s guide to celebrating Mother’s Day, I’ve rounded up ways to get in on the action.

🏁 How to get in on the Miami Grand Prix action

  • For anyone looking for an all-ages, weekend-long fan festival: Head to Wynwood for Racing Fan Fest (free), Bayfront Park for Miami Speed Week or Miami Beach for FTX Off the Grid (free).
  • For the history buffs: Check out the new, limited-time “History of Auto Racing in South Florida” exhibit at the Art Deco Museum on Miami Beach.
  • For those wanting to introduce the sport to their kiddos: Pick up a copy of ABCs of Racing, written by native Miami resident Andy Amendola to offer children a global perspective on sportsmanship, diversity, science and technology through motorsport.
  • For anyone who wants to mock the “marina” built nearly 10 miles from the ocean: Watch this hysterical video of Sky Sports’ Craig Slater “cooling off” in its waters, because the Brits have a way with humor. At least one World Champion driver thinks the marina will be filled with ocean water sooner or later.
  • For the party people: You won’t need much help finding the action, as venues all over town are hosting major musical acts throughout the weekend. You can catch me at the Fontainebleau for their Miami Race Nights.
  • For the watch party people: Catch the race poolside at Hyde Beach or riverside at The Wharf.
  • For the people who actually want to watch the race: Coverage begins on Sunday, May 8 at at 2 p.m. on ABC.
  • For the people who actually want to watch the race, want to know what’s going on, but don’t want to devote the next three days to binging Drive to Survive: Read this explainer from the Miami Herald.