Hold on, we’ve just gotta laugh about Irma for a sec

We’d like to briefly interrupt the stream of very important (and scary) hurricane information to offer some very important (and hilarious) hurricane humor. Because we’re all in this together. And Trevor. Trevor Noah is in this with us too.

The stages of prepping for a hurricane

Michael Scott has all the right reactions in this ‘Office’ mashup.

Tryna buy up all the water like this guy

“You’re a Floridian. You don’t take what you need, you take more than you need.”


Speak to us, Leo 

This is all of us who stayed behind. (But seriously, we hope you’ve evacuated to a safe spot.)

leonardo dicaprio

Keep being you, Publix

We love it when our local businesses know just what we need.

This is how you make a hurricane toilet

Shout out to Gaby Guzman, who shared this gem.

hurricane toilet aka a bucket

‘Not all heroes wear capes:’

Laura Juncadella spotted a Miami santero hard at work in Little Havana. Muchas gracias.

The award for best hurricane party goes to:

Miamians trying to stop Irma by throwing ice into the Atlantic, gathering all Spanish moms, protesting its oppression and injustice, and spinning their arms really fast. Here’s more from WLRN on all those event invites you’re getting and why they’re probably the most genius use of the Facebook event tool we’ve ever seen.

And thank God for Trevor Noah:

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah says what we’re all thinking about Irma and climate change. Props.