Hyperlocal Lattes

There’s nothing quite like hanging out at a great coffee shop that gets the ‘vibes’ just right, and that’s what you’ll get at Brewing Buddha Cafe & Arthouse. 

Jordan and Cassidy are brothers and co-owners of this Pinecrest art gallery / tea and coffee shop that’s bringing hyperlocal lattes to Pinecrest – where they grew up. A taste of nitro Cuban coffee or a sweet plantain latte is just a 4-minute walk after you take bus routes 38, 52, or 287 to the stop at S.W. 124th St. and Busway – the shop is one of the many spots to check out along the South Dade Transitway. And once you arrive, there’s plenty of space for you to post up and work or just chill with a great brew, loose-leaf tea or good eats.

Hear more from Jordan and Cassidy in our video profile.

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