The New Tropic’s guide to the Miami ice cream scene

July 17 is National Ice Cream Day, and between that and the fact that it’s like 100 degrees out, The New Tropic has spent a lot of time talking about ice cream lately. If you want to get into the holiday spirit, here are our personal faves.

Azucar Ice Cream (Little Havana)

Azucar is the perfect spot after a long, hot day exploring Calle Ocho with your friends from out of town. The place is located in the heart of Little Havana, next to Ball and Chain, and has delicious Cuba-inspired flavors that seem like they were dreamed up by your abuela. A lot of the flavors are made with local tropical fruit. — Mario

Whip’n Dip (Coral Gables)

This place has occupied its tiny little storefront on Sunset Drive for decades. Their milkshakes are so thick you can barely get them through a straw, and their chocolate malt shake is as classic as it gets. No fancy machines, no exotic flavors. This place has been my fave since I was about nine — and a lot of famous folks too, judging by the wall of fame in the shop. — Ariel

Bianco Gelato (Coconut Grove)

Stracciatella. Nocciola. Cioccolate. That’s about all of the Italian you need to know to navigate the freezer at what I think is the most authentic gelato shop in Miami. The owners brought their family recipes from Italy and their passion for gelato shows in every creamy scoop. — Chris A. 

Lulu’s (Edgewater)

Lulu’s has a great vibe, but the fact that they use locally sourced ingredients and hardly any chemicals (other than the super cool liquid nitrogen that makes their ice cream so creamy) makes it my No. 1 spot. — Mario

Coyo (Wynwood)

Don’t be fooled, Coyo has more than tacos and tequila to offer. Yes, the guac bowls are fire, but they’ve got one more amazing thing going for them: the paletas! These ice cream bars made in traditional Mexican fashion come in an assortment of flavors like papaya, coffee, and cookies & cream and I haven’t had one I don’t like yet. The cookies & cream flavor is to die for, with full cookies just chillin in the middle. YASSSS.  — Isis

The Frieze (Miami Beach)

The Frieze is a beautiful independent oasis in the commercial desert that is Lincoln Road. It offers some of the best classic ice cream on Miami Beach. I highly recommend the signature Bosh Frieze Frenzy because it’s delicious… and because he hasn’t left us yet. They’ve also got some of the best milkshakes and floats on the beach.  — Bruce

Your local gas station

None of that fancy stuff… I like the real cheap, real easy freezer ice cream at any gas station. My absolute fave gas station ice cream is the Choco Taco. In the words of Blake from Workaholics: they took something that was already perfect and made it more perfect. It’s a gamble… sometimes the shell is nice and crunchy, sometimes it’s stale and rubbery. But it’s only a dollar, so the risk is worth the reward. If I don’t want to tempt fate, I’ll go for a Drumstick — I love that solid bit of chocolate at the end. It’s so freaking satisfying.  — Roshan

Dairy Queen 

The Dairy Queen by my house always smells like feet, but the cherry dipped vanilla softserve in a waffle cone is easily the best ice cream dish in town. DQ might not be exotic but at least it’s consistent. — Alexandra

Polo Norte (Hialeah)

There’s always room left over for an ice cream from Polo Norte. This joint is a legit Hialeah staple. It opened as an ice cream parlor before expanding to the pizza joint it is today. They’ve got 32 flavors, and my fave order is a copa lolita with mamey and mantecado (and a personal chorizo pizza; GAAAD, I’m hungry). — Laura