Inspiring neighborhoods with art projects. That’s the Pinnacle way.

Pinnacle Communities works to inspire and build quality communities in Miami’s neighborhoods  — with a creative flair. The full-service real estate development company has nearly 9,000 apartment units across the U.S.     

You can spot one of Pinnacle’s most iconic buildings just off I-95: It’s the blue apartment building with the Britto “Love Blossoms” sculpture perched near the top. As part of its Art in Public Places program, the company commissioned one of Florida’s largest murals — 13 stories tall — near the airport. Other installations include the Puerto Rico Hope Mural in Wynwood and a mural at Liberty City Police Station that honors victims of gun violence.

By bringing affordable housing and art to Miami’s communities, Pinnacle hopes to enrich the lives of people inside and outside of their buildings.

The New Tropic Studio works with brands and organizations to help them tell local stories, create meaningful engagement, and connect in Miami.

Our goal is a more human take on advertising that’s about mission, people, and being a part of making this city an even better place to live. If you’re into that, we’d love to chat about it. Reach out to us at [email protected]