It’s mini lobster season! Here’s how you can join in

Every year, on the last consecutive Wednesday and Thursday of July, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission gives lobster lovers 48 hours of hectic marine bliss. It’s called mini lobster season, and for two precious days anyone lucky enough to to con their boss into letting them off work can head out into the blue-green waters of Biscayne Bay and dive for their catch limit of spiny lobster.  (Don’t worry if you can’t take the days off though, regular lobster season runs August 6 through March 31st.)

Want to participate in this state sanctioned crustacean carnage? We got you covered. Here’s what you need, and what you need to know.

What you need:

  • A saltwater fishing license from Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. You can get their “lobster combo” for $27.
  • A tickle stick – yes, that’s really what they’re called – to scare the delicious critters out of their underwater holes.
  • A net on a pole or some quick hands and some gloves. Rock lobsters can propel themselves backwards through the water at eye-popping speeds, so be prepared to scramble.
  • A ruler or measuring device to make sure the lobster you’ve caught is the correct size. The lobster carapace – the part of the shell that isn’t the tail – cannot be under 3 inches, and state regulations ensure that you have to measure them *in* the water.
  • A snorkel, mask, and fins, or scuba gear if you are certified.
  • A boat, or a friend with a boat, or a maybe even just kayak.


What you need to know:


Finally, make sure to stock up on butter!

By Mario Ariza
Mario Alejandro Ariza is a Dominican immigrant who grew up in Miami. A Michener Fellow in poetry at the University of Miami’s Master in Fine Arts program, he is currently working on a nonfiction book about South Florida and Sea Level Rise. On a day with a good swell and northeasterly breezes, you’ll find him surfing on South Beach (yes, there’s actually surfing Miami.)