Jeff Greene


Real estate investor

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Gov. Rick Scott can’t run for a third consecutive term, so the race for the next governor of Florida is wide open. The Democratic and Republican primaries have a full slate of diverse candidates, but we chose to focus on the competitive candidates in both races.

Based on the questions you said you had for the candidates, we recapped their stances on the following issues: guns, climate change and the environment, criminal justice, Amendment 4 (aka the Voter Restoration Act, or allowing felons who have completed their sentences to regain their right to vote), and marijuana legalization. The winners of the Republican and Democratic primaries for this seat will face off in the November general election.

Jeff is a businessman and real estate investor who has based much of his platform on family values and sacrifices his family made for him to reach his success. He’s prioritized public-school education, jobs and gun reform as some main parts of his platform.

Greene’s opponents are Andrew Gillum, Gwen Graham, Chris King, Philip Levine, Alex Lundmark and John Wetherbee.


NRA Grade: N/A

He supports a ban on assault-style weapons and high-capacity magazines for firearms. Greene  also supports reforms to close loopholes that allow people to purchase weapons at gun shows without proper background checks.


He plans to boost funding to the state’s Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan, the multi-billion dollar plan to protect and restore the Everglades that’s was first introduced in 2000. He also said he wants to combat the influence of major lobbyists in the sugar industry and to address “runoff from farming, septic leakage and lawn fertilizing.”

Renewable energy: He supports more incentives for both residents and businesses if they go solar and invest in solar energy technology.

Criminal justice

He wants to introduce more civil citations, instead of harsher criminal penalties, across the state and to reduce punishments for non-violent crimes. His plan also calls for for fair application of the bail-bond system, ending mandatory minimum sentences and for more criminal diversion programs. Jeff has also called for an end to private prisons.

Voter Restoration ActHe supports Amendment 4, allowing felons who have completed their sentences to regain their right to vote.

Medical and recreational marijuana

He hasn’t expressed full support for recreational marijuana but supports medical use.