Jonathan Parker

Why are you running?

Because I found myself complaining about how the city is being operated and I can do a better job for the residents and local businesses. The residents need to run City Hall, not City Hall running the residents.

What do you see as the biggest challenges facing Miami Beach right now?

Flooding, Traffic, Overdevelopment, Government Waste, Lack of Transparency in City Hall

What are some of the solutions you would propose?

The simplest first. Miami Beach seems to have the motto, “Why do something once when you can do it two or three times?” The residents need to be in charge and represented at City Hall. Leaders need to return phone calls and have open doors to residents and local business owners. City Hall operations need to be simplified and the City Code need to be cleaned up.

Imagine we gave you a $100 budget. How would you spend those $100?

Please share a few words about how you would tackle the some of the following challenges:

Poverty and the low median wage: Encourage local businesses so jobs are created and our economy stimulated.

The high cost of rent/real estate: Encourage the free market. Tax incentives in areas needing investment.

Congestion and transit options: More parking spaces and facilities with discounts (or even a prepaid medallion) to residents to get their cars off the streets.

Climate change and environmental damage: The simplest and most cost effective solutions available over time.

Transparency in government and access to open data: Leaders must return phone calls, emails and correspondences. Leaders must remember that they serve at the will of the residents. The residents need to be made to feel special and not after-thoughts to big business and development.