District 10: Julio Sanchez

District 10

Owner of ITC Miami, a tech company

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District 10 covers a portion of southwest Miami-Dade from the area just south of the 836 Expressway down to Southwest 88th Street and extends east from Southwest 147th Avenue to the Palmetto Expressway. It includes areas like Westchester, Fontainebleau and Kendall.

This interview has been lightly edited to meet word count requirements. Sanchez’s opponents are Jose Garrido, Alfred Santamaria, Javier Souto and Robert Suarez.

What would your top 3 priorities be as commissioner?

Increase affordable housing

Reduce crime in our area

Better utilization of green areas and parks for community building

What does “good” public transit for Miami-Dade County look like to you?

Access to timely public transportation – with express points that will connect people to rapid transit (Metrorail, for example); variety of access points (commuter lanes, passes, incentives for those using public transportation); better coordination with traffic lights; special discount/incentive to employers who subsidize riders.

How will you support expanding affordable housing as commissioner?

Coordinate with local universities – urban development, demography, sociology, architecture, economics, construction programs – present challenge so that teams from different universities present white papers and coordinated efforts to make this a priority and a forefront issue. Get the public, private sector, academia and media to be involved in the conversation.

What does a resilient and sustainable city look like to you?

Balance between natural resources, development. Preserving the past, nature, and engaging in the future.  A city that adapts to changes and keeps in tune with the pulse of its changing demographic needs.

What lessons did you learn from Hurricane Irma that will influence how you govern if you win?

Insurance still sucks, a year after the event, and we still have homeowners whose issues have not been addressed properly. The rapid response of [the] county [was] non-existent. Communications are better than before but still a work in progress.

If you had the chance, would you uphold or reverse the county’s decision to abandon its sanctuary city status and cooperate with federal immigration officials?

Uphold. We need immigration reform; however, we still need to be responsible for the human lives that come into our city. Each case needs to be provided its time in court and be addressed based on its merits.

Do you believe in systemic racism, aka the idea that racism is baked into some of our existing policies and laws, and if yes, what ideas do you have for addressing that?

Justice is blind – but the people who implement [laws] are not.  Therefore there will always be a level of bias.

Should the Urban Development Boundary remain fixed, or do you think there are certain economic and mobility needs that are more important?

Urban development boundaries are needed – in order to find balance between natural resources and population.