June Savage

June Savage


Real estate agent

1. Sea level rise is obviously on everyone’s mind. Do you think Miami Beach is on the right path?

Miami Beach needs to fix the problem with the rented emergency back up generators before we move on. We can not implement more of the plan without the generators incorporated now. We always have to run a Plan B, whether that’s newer technology from experienced cities or following new studies being done by other cities.

2. The costs of sea level rise are increasingly falling on property owners as well, as efforts like raising roads make homes more vulnerable. What can the city do to help homeowners combat sea level rise? 

We have to collectively have more open discussions or a panel of invited experts to discuss ways to help Miami Beach before we can offer better or any solutions to cost. This is a global issue. We all have to pull resources and get better educated.

3. There is a lot of tension in Miami Beach right now around the question of who the city should plan for: the long-term, year-round residents, or the lucrative tourism industry.

3a. What is your stance on Airbnb and other short-term rentals? (Asked by The New Tropic reader Stephen Michael Fox Jr.)

Airbnb is a large organization, compared to Zillow. This is not an easy answer. The NAR and FAR has to get regulations of sorts passed regarding Zillow. We need the same uniform implementation fees with Airbnb that will go back to the corresponding cities they are using. Airbnb can collect higher fees from homeowners. Therefore creating a competitive market unlike now they are less expensive and hurt the hotels. I personally would not like a mismanaged Airbnb home or condo next to my residence. This is not a quick fix. We have had many discussions on the topic. In the end maybe the city can put a lien on properties that violate short-term policies after fines are not collected or paid.

3b. The proposed change to Ocean Drive’s last call?

I am personally working with police seeing it for myself. Riding with them 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. this whole weekend, and the police that work the 10 p.m. until 8 a.m. shift all say 2 to 5 a.m. is not the hour we need to address. We need more police. They are stretched and doing required overtime instead of resting. Lack of implementation cooperation between the City and the police is where we are today. It’s not fair to punish four establishments and the rest of the city can keep going til 5 a.m.

4. How do you plan to bring in a diverse range of voices in your decision making? Miami Beach has a large immigrant population that often goes unheard, plus a large working class population that helps to support the tourism industry. How will they be included? (Asked by The New Tropic reader Sarah Emmons)

Yo habla espagnol! A lot of signage around town needs to be in Spanish also. We have 47 percent Hispanic population. We need our website to be in Spanish, and our apps.

The advocates and activists in Miami Beach will have an open door every day if I am elected mayor.

5. What is one change you want to make that would improve YOUR life in Miami Beach? (Asked by The New Tropic reader Ruth Klestinec)

To be given the opportunity to run for Mayor. To be grateful to have the tools in my hands to proactively create a safe and efficient city along with being environmentally conscious thru city and community engagement. We all have to contribute to help preserve our wildlife and beaches. It’s all about karma in our world. We take a lot from the beach but we need to consciously give back and keep it clean.