The best kid-friendly spots in Miami where you can still be an adult

Parents, we know you love your little darlings, but there’s probably only so many times you can hear the Wiggles theme song without pulling out your hair.

There’s no shortage of places to take your kids for a little fresh air and fun, but it doesn’t have to be all about them. There are some pretty awesome places in South Florida where both you and your munchkins can have a good time.

Wynwood Yard: With programming for every day of the week, Wynwood Yard is an adult playground that’s totally fit for the kiddies. You can enjoy a cocktail from Mortar & Pistil, catch some live music, and grab eats from their stellar selection of food trucks. All the while the kids can play tether ball, explore the garden, and kick back with some board games. Their events range from cooking classes and live concerts to craft fairs and movie screenings. You can even bring along your fur baby!

PAMM (Museum Park): “We love PAMM and Museum Park is absolutely beautiful and spacious!” says mother Sarah Galvan. We totally agree. We’re all about combining learning with fun and no one does that better than the PAMM. There’s plenty of art and culture for you and your youngster to soak up at their beautifully curated exhibits. They also offer free entry on second Saturdays and arts and crafts programming for the kids (or kids at heart).

The Barnacle: Pack a picnic and head out to the serene Barnacle Historic State Park in Coconut Grove. Built in 1891 and once the home of Ralph Middleton Munroe, one of Coconut Grove’s founders, this five-acre estate that sits on Biscayne Bay is a return to a simpler life. You can pay $3 for a guided tour of the home, or simply enjoy the grounds. If you’re looking for a super chill day to spend disconnected from the constant noise of everyday life in the city, this is a great escape. Bring lunch, games, and maybe a little wine for the adults and relax by the bay with the fam. 

Soho Beach House: While Soho Beach House is a membership resort for creatives, it offers a select number of child memberships, so for the super cool kids, this is paradise. You can sit poolside and enjoy a cocktail while the kids enjoy the water. They also have an intimate, cozy theater on site, where they often play kids’ movies on the weekends. They even do awesome programming just for the kids, so you can vibe with other members while your little one makes friends.


Cool Corner Family Bistro:  Located in Gulfstream Park in Hallandale is this pretty epic dining experience. You can sit back and enjoy a delicious meal while your kids hop around to their many interactive play stations. They have painting, Legos, video games, puzzles, a park and more. Best part? It’s fully staffed so the kids are supervised and for a few blissful hours your little monsters are someone else’s problem… er, joy.


Pinecrest Gardens: This is no ordinary garden, not by a long shot. Formerly the site of Parrot Jungle, Pinecrest Gardens comes off as far more wild and less stylized than Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. Strolling through the “jungle” you’ll find waterfalls, koi fish, peacocks, swans, turtles, banyan trees and all sorts of plant and wildlife. Your kid will go nuts checking out all the sights. They even have a petting zoo and a splash zone! For the super cheap $5 entry, you and your family will have an amazing outdoor adventure.

Cream Parlor:  Who doesn’t love ice cream? This new addition to the Upper Eastside neighborhood is not just your super basic, overpriced franchises like Häagen-Dazs and Pinkberry, but an authentic ice cream parlor. Cream takes the classic vintage aesthetic of the ice cream parlors of yesteryear and makes it altogether modern. With incredible flavors like their famous “unicorn poop” and “purple rain” and vintage toys and candy for sale, your inner child will have some real flashback moments while your kids play with their adorable selection of old school toys donated by the community. Owners, Johnny & Ainsley Tsokos, have made this a haven for family and community with their welcoming vibes, charming atmosphere, and pieces of their childhoods scattered about. They even have unique toppings like Berry Captain Crunch and Lucky Charms marshmallows. Your little ones will certainly enjoy it, but this will likely become your new favorite place. And just for the adults, it’s BYOB and they totally encourage it. 


We hope these places will help you relax and enjoy your time together. Let us know in the comment if we missed any awesome places that we should add to this list.