Kubs Lalchandani

District 113



Board member, New Leaders Council

This post is part of our voter guide for the Aug. 28 local and primary elections. Head to the main landing page for a guide to the key races and decisions being made this election.

House District 113 stretches from Little Havana to Biscayne Bay, then across the water to the entire city of Miami Beach and North Bay Village. It’s up for grabs as Rep. David Richardson is running for U.S. Congress.

Instead of a formal questionnaire we decided to share the candidates’ positions on a few key issues based on questions we received from you, our readers.

Kubs Lalchandani is an attorney and political newcomer who wants to promote innovative, technology-driven ideas and a progressive political ideology to issues like affordability, sustainability and gun reform.  As a board member with the local New Leaders Council chapter, he has worked to build a bench of progressive candidates and activists in Miami. He’s gotten some flack this campaign for having controversial plastic surgery centers among his firm’s clients. He detailed why he’s running in The New Tropic earlier this year.

Lalchandani’s opponents are Michael Grieco and Deede Weithorn.

Gun reform

He plans to support legislation that will create universal background checks, ban assault rifles, and close loopholes. He also supports strengthening gun owner testing and registration.

Crime prevention

He believes that public safety should be a top concern for legislators and thinks that removing firearms and weapons from neighborhoods is key. He says that “ the gun lobby has a stranglehold on Florida politicians, preventing meaningful bills from becoming law. It will be my goal to end the legislative paralysis and realize meaningful action to keep our neighborhoods safe.”


He plans to address climate change by “bringing together leaders to advance resiliency programs at the local level.” Additionally, he thinks that South Florida has to reduce the human element of contributing to climate change by reducing and eliminating the use of things like single-use plastics and pesticides.

Criminal justice

He believes that reform is need and thinks that the current system has turned “mass incarceration into a lucrative business where both businessmen and politicians make money off of keeping people locked up.” He believes that systemic racism is also an issue as the majority of people affected by the school-to-prison pipeline are minorities and those from disadvantaged communities. Additionally, he wants to eliminate private prisons and improve educational programs for former prisoners as they re-enter the workforce.

Voter Restoration Act

He supports the act.

Medical and recreational marijuana

He supports the use of both medical and recreational marijuana and specifically thinks that medical marijuana usage should focus on the variety of people using it: “veterans suffering from PTSD, kids prone to seizures, and cancer patients who want a method of coping with chemotherapy.” He also thinks that legalizing both uses could bring millions in revenue to the state.

Editor’s note: Kubs Lalchandani has represented Whereby.Us, the parent company of The New Tropic, in a legal capacity.