This ‘madrina’ is creating a community for Miami’s women entrepreneurs

Gaby Guzman has been working to organize and empower women entrepreneurs in Miami for years, and has done so primarily through small-group meetings and one-on-one consulting sessions on how market themselves, and grow their businesses in thoughtful ways. But after getting feedback from these groups of women that they wanted something more she started to think of a way to create a more structured community for her and her clients.

And so Las Comadres was born. The name comes from the relationship between parents and godparents in the Hispanic community after a friend called Gaby the “madrina” of women entrepreneurs in Miami. We talked with Gaby about the group, how women can get involved, and what she hopes her and her comadres can achieve together.

So how did the idea come together?

The group’s formation was organic, according to Gaby. She said that different women she was consulting or hosting sessions with started to come together informally to hang out or encourage each other. And after enough one-off gatherings Gaby says that people started to tell her, “this is amazing and we need more.”

And last August the idea took shape and became Las Comadres.

And where did the name come from?

Gaby said the inspiration came in part from her friend Patty who called Gaby the “madrina,” or godmother, of women entrepreneurs in Miami. She says the title made her laugh but also really resonated and got her thinking about her own godmother and her mom, and the relationship they shared.

“Godmothers and mothers call each other comadres,” Gaby says. “Your comadre is the person you trust the most in the world with the most important thing in your life.”

In that relationship that important thing is a child but Gaby said that for these women she advises and consults, their businesses are among the most important things in their lives.

What does Las Comadres offer?

In a practical sense the group creates a directory of other women leaders and entrepreneurs to meet up with and share contact information and ideas. Members work in various industries in Miami and represent businesses like The Sacred Space, CIC Miami, and dozens more. And beyond that they meet monthly to have a co-working day at a local space around town.

There’s also a Facebook group, events for members, a book club, and classes taught by members. And members can also be part of an accountability group so members can get linked up with other women who live nearby so they can meet informally and encourage each other.

What makes this community different?

Gaby says that the personal connections make their community different, especially for women seeking a space to share their ideas. And because so many of these entrepreneurs are teams of one, or part of small teams, Las Comadres gives them a way to have more face-to-face interaction.

“As entrepreneurs many of them don’t have a place where they go every day, and even if they go to a co-working space they’re probably just sitting in front of a computer,” Gaby says.

How can people sign up?

Registration for the group opens on a quarterly basis and is open now through the end of March. There are monthly and annual sign up options.

You can find more details on the Las Comadres website or by checking out the group’s pop-up social event Thursday, March 28 at Soul Tavern.