We’re all on the same team.

Many of us are hurting today. We live in a county that went hard for the candidate that didn’t win, so a lot of us don’t quite get what’s happening. We’re struggling to understand the feelings that brought Donald Trump to the presidency. But they did and he’s there. Now the reconciliation and work begin.

It’s time to bridge the gap. We need to talk to our neighbors more, and to people who don’t think like us. And we need to put in even more work to keep Miami moving forward, becoming a better place to live, to raise children, to fulfill the American dream, whatever that might look like for you.

What’s the step, big or small, that you’re taking to do that? How can we break out of our bubbles? How can we make it feel once again like we’re all in this together?

We’ve got this, Miami.  We’re all on the same team. Let’s get through it together. Tell us what you’re doing, how we can support you, and how we can help bring people back together.

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