LimeBike brings bicycles you can leave anywhere to Key Biscayne

Some new wheels are coming to Key Biscayne. Say “hi” to LimeBike.

The California startup launched on the bike-friendly island Wednesday.

“It uses a GPS smartphone app to find nearby LimeBike-owned bikes for residents to rent for whatever time period they’d like, and are charged just $1 for every half-hour.”

CitiBike is spreading further and further throughout Miami, but LimeBike takes it a step further by allowing you to lock your bike up literally anywhere in Key Biscayne.

“The community has been wonderful,” said Yuki Lin, a so-called “launcher” for the company.

Why Key Biscayne

Two Key Biscayne moms who found it a pain to haul their own bicycles up and down the elevators of their apartment buildings – especially with their kids in tow – were the ones who planted the idea of bringing LimeBike to Key Biscayne, Yuki said.

Now they can rent bikes and lock them up outside of buildings for the next people who come by to rent them.

The app launched on the campus of the University of North Carolina Greensboro just two weeks ago. And it’s already looking to launch in another city soon: Seattle.

Paying it forward

All of the revenue from Key Biscayne’s first month of bike riding is going to go to the community’s Sister Initiative with Liberty City. In 2013 the island partnered with Liberty City to connect kids and families from different socio-economic backgrounds to each other, and to programs like the food-desert-fighting Liberty City Food Co-op.

The partnership between Key Biscayne and LimeBike is what Yuki calls a way to provide affordable, eco-friendly access to transportation that’s also, “really, really fun.”

“In a nutshell: So far so good,” Yuki said.


  • Erwin

    I live in Key Biscayne.
    Downloaded the app in my Android phone.
    Selected the “continue with phone” sign in process – not working.
    Chose the “continue with email” sign in process – not working.
    Tried the “facebook” sign in process – it worked, but I don’t have a facebook (nor I want one) page.
    Apparently, I am not the only one……

  • Melanie

    I was just in Berlin and saw they have bikes you can rent and leave anywhere just using an app and the key pad on the bike. I was wondering why they hell we don’t have anything like this in the U.S. When will they expand into greater Miami????

  • Geri Abrams Wegner

    The bike has a built-in gps tracker so that it can be found by both the company and the customers. It looks like it has a locking mechanism near the rear fender, under the seat so you can leave it literally anywhere that the kickstand can be used. I am assuming you are given a code for the bike that is nearest your rental location.
    The rental price, ease of getting and returning and the environmental benefits make it sound like a win for everyone

  • R. R. Miguel

    Citi Bike is not expensive, for those under that impression. An annual membership is $150/year. The prices being cited here are the “tourist prices” for visitors.

  • Dominic

    Sounds like an uber for bikes that tracks them with gps and shows where the last person dropped one offf closest to you on the app. Really smart, doable and convenient. Hopefully, there are enough bike racks in the island cityso people don’t have to attach them to fences and so on. I guess since location of the bike is known at all times, you can’t just drive off with one and think they’re not going to find you (and charge you for as long as you took it). And the price makes more realistic. Citybike’s $4/30 mins sounds a bit excessive and makes driving cheaper (parking at $1.50/hr).

  • Julien

    I find this fantastic. Just like I found the prices of “Citibike” quite high for renting a bike 30min!
    Just wondering as well how they control the “pollution” of bikes. I guess they would have to “force” users to attach bikes on places made for it to prevent them from being attached to a fence.
    But any innovation that lowers our CO2 emissions is amazing, and when moreover you can practice it’s perfect 😉

    • Mike Lahowin

      The locks are integral to the bike. They are permanently attached to the bike frame behind the seat and clamp through the spokes of the rear tire preventing the tire from moving. You scan the barcode (with your iPhone app) behind the seat to unlock the tire lock. The app also lets you know where bikes are located since you leave them anywhere (bikes have built-in GPS locating device). I live here in Key Biscayne and find this to be great! When I pull up the app, it shows me the location of approx. 40 bikes within 2 blocks of me. (I would guess they have 100+ bikes on this tiny island of 1-1/2 square miles) I’ve noticed that many bikes left near bus stops….probably domestic help leaving clients homes and biking to the stops for a bus to downtown miami 8 miles away. the visual ‘pollution’ of the bikes doesn’t seem to be a problem. Way to go Key Biscayne!

  • Spencer

    Clicked this to find out “how it works”. There is nothing here about how it works.

  • What did I just read? No docking stations? What will keep someone from running off with one? I can leave them anywhere? How are they found if you want to ride one? And how does “food-desert-fighting” bring the poor and rich together? As Joe Friday would say, “Just the facts, Ma’am.”

    • Melanie

      Download the app to find them / pay.