Locals to Know: Mariah Forde champions Miami’s classical music talent

Today’s Locals to Know is sponsored by New World Symphony.

Starting tomorrow, NWS is presenting I Dream a World: The Harlem Renaissance and Beyond, a five-day festival exploring and celebrating the Harlem Renaissance, its history, and the epicenters of Black artistic excellence that flourished around it during the 1920s. Tickets start at $10 and are available now at nws.edu/harlem.

New World Symphony’s own Mariah Forde was kind enough to take some time to speak with The New Tropic to mark the start of I Dream a World this week. Without further ado…

Name: Mariah Forde

Age: 30

What’s your favorite Miami memory? 

My favorite Miami memory is when I participated in the Miami Broward Carnival for the very first time in 2019. Caribbean carnivals are celebrated across the world, and it is a time when everyone can come together in harmony to celebrate the triumphs of Caribbean people. I was a masquerader (band member) with One Island Band, [was dressed in] a beautiful costume, and danced through the streets to Caribbean music (soca, calypso, etc.)

Tell us about your work, whether that’s your job and/or any volunteer work. 

I am the PR and Social Media Manager for the New World Symphony. I manage content production and execution across our social media channels in addition to communicating with the press to build awareness and generate excitement for upcoming performances.

Pick a favorite local outdoor experience. What is it? What’re we doing? Who’s going with ya? 

My favorite outdoor experience is Brick in Wynwood. I enjoy being able to have a drink and dance under the stars with my closest friends.

What’s your favorite local Instagram or TikTok account and why? 

My favorite local Instagram is New World Symphony’s account (@nwsymphony) which I get to manage through my role as PR and Social Media Manager. I’ve always loved performing classical music, as I too was a classical music student. It’s heartwarming to see other aspiring musicians learn and perform with accomplished artists in their pursuit of nabbing their dream role with a major orchestra. I see myself and my journey in the Fellows of NWS, so it is especially meaningful for me to be able to capture those inspirational moments and share them with our audience.

If you could eat only one meal from a local restaurant for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

It would be the curry chicken dinner from Sango’s Jamaican and Chinese Restaurant in Palmetto Bay.

What’s a project you’re working on (big or small) and how can our readers help you with it? 

I am currently working on New World Symphony’s festival I Dream a World: The Harlem Renaissance and Beyondtaking place February 1-5, 2022 at the New World Center. We will be joined for the entire week by incredible guest artists to celebrate the insurmountable contributions of giants from the Harlem Renaissance through poetry, recitals, orchestral and chamber music, and more. Readers can help by spread the word by resharing posts on social media (@nwsymphony) as well as coming and enjoying the concerts for themselves! Tickets are available at nws.edu/harlem.

What are you looking forward to this year? 

I am looking forward to really stepping into my element as a professional communicator in the art world, and hope to make an impact on my community by sharing the powerful effects of the cultural arts with the masses.

By The New Tropic Creative Studio
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