Loquat? What it tastes like – how to eat it – and facts

Loquat? What it tastes like – how to eat it – and facts

what does a loquat taste like and how to eat a loquat
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The Loquat

These fruits are sometimes looked over as something that grows on a shrub or tree that just kind of pops up and grows along the side of the road or in someone’s garden and doesn’t do much. Wrong! This is a versatile, lovely fruit!

What does a loquat taste like?

They taste like a cross between a mango, peach and apricot. Some people say they have a pudding-like texture

how to eat a loquat and what does a loquat taste like
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How do I eat loquat?

These are pale orange, and slightly bigger than an apricot and they have a huge seed inside, so ignore the seed. Most people don’t eat the peel (since it is fuzzy and can stain the fingers), but it is edible and has a tangy taste.

They are used in chutneys and smoothies and even those delicious Cuban bitados. Yummy. A loquat bitados!

Good loquat recipes

Fun Loquat Facts

  • Often used as a natural sweetener
  • Used to make flavored vinegar
  • Italy makes a liquor called nespolino from loquats (it has a slight almond taste)

Where to find loquats in Miami?

The Redland Market and sometimes even the lowly grocery store!