Introducing The New Tropic: A Miami Love Letter


We love Miami.

We have a lot of reasons — too many to list — and you probably know them already anyway. We care most about the people: the stalwart natives and the new kids in town; the emerging urbanites and the expressway warriors; the tireless fans and the skeptical cynics; the banana hammock bicyclists (lo, sweet siren) and the beach body fanatics. Miami has an amazing cast of locals like you who make it the uniquely lovable place we’re proud to call home. The New Tropic is for you.

For the past two years, we’ve worked on a project called WhereBy.Us. It began as a simple series of community brainstorming events, where we used sticky notes and sharpies and the promise of free wine (in magnums, but hey) to get locals working together on “the possible”—ideas that could improve our city for the people who live here. We found an opportunity to help our fellow locals navigate and explore a changing Miami, and connect with each other along the way.

Starting today, we’re publishing a daily email newsletter that curates the day’s local news, shares original stories, and helps you find decidedly local things to do. We’re producing our own events too, from happy hours to field trips, all of which are focused on surprising, creative and smart experiences for Miamians like you. And we’re building a member community of curious locals who want to explore and learn together along the way.

Miami’s already got some great news organizations that provide critical day-to-day reporting. We’re focused on something a little different: helping Miamians become better locals by making sense of, and finding new ways to explore, the constantly expanding universe of news, issues, people and places in a growing city like ours. We want to help you live like you live here. Where traditional journalism emphasizes a sort of arm’s-length objectivity, The New Tropic is proudly local and thoughtfully optimistic about Miami’s future. We have opinions. We are involved. And we’ll always be clear about that.

We want to make something that’s useful to you as you go about your day. That helps you feel a little more connected or informed; that encourages the extra bits of adventurousness and wanderlust that help us love the places we live. We’re excited about Miami’s future; about its hidden corners and emerging talents; about the people who will make it an even better place five, ten, fifty years from now. Also about sandwiches. And Pitbull’s own New Year’s Eve special. And that it’s super nice outside right now. We’re excited about a lot of things.

If you’re here, we’re assuming that means you might be excited, too. Or you’re related to us. (Hi, mom!) In either case, we’re glad you’re along for the ride.

Say hello and let us know what you think on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or MySpace. We look forward to meeting you out there in the weird and wonderful place that is Miami.

The New Tropic