March Madness: Miami Eats has arrived at the Final Four

[Voting for this round closed on March 30, 2017 at 3 p.m.]

It’s down to the final four in our March Madness: Miami Eats tournament.

That’s right. We’re so close to finding the single best thing to eat in Miami. We started out by finding the best restaurant that serves each dish, and now we’re putting those dishes head-to-head.

Here’s how it went down: arepas from La Latina beat out croquetas from Islas Canarias, subs from La Sandwicherie beat out ceviche from CVI.CHE 105, Jamaican patties from Jamaica Kitchen beat out empanadas from Graziano’s, and bagels and lox from Coral Bagels beat out griot from Macillon Grio and Fish.

We got into the kitchens of the winners of the Final Four to learn how they make their secret sauce.

Bagels and Lox at Coral Bagels

Subs at La Sandwicherie

Jamaican patties at Jamaica Kitchen

Arepas at La Latina

You have until Thursday afternoon to make your next pick. On to the championship round!