Mayra Joli

District 27


Immigration attorney

Mayra Joli is an immigration attorney running as an Independent against Democrat Donna Shalala and Republican Maria Elvira Salazar. She’s been described as a “master of selfies” and has made a name for herself in Miami’s social circles and through her Fashion Night on Brickell fundraiser event.

Politically she’s been vocal about her support of President Donald Trump but she also supports a more, organized inclusive approach to immigration reform than more conservative members of the Republican party.

Based on the questions you had for the candidates, and factoring in some relevant topics, we sent questionnaires to the candidates and asked them questions about the following issues: the environment, criminal justice reform, gun control, the economy, healthcare, Puerto Rico, and immigration.

Thanks to readers Vanessa Haim and Marianna Yerak, and others who submitted questions anonymously.

How do you think the state should address the growing algae blooms along the coasts?

Joint effort by Florida, state and local government to restrict the runoff of phosphate and other fertilizer products that encourage the growth of algae and harm the ecosystem.

Where do you stand on Everglades restoration and how do you plan to improve water quality across the state?

The project is “almost” finished according to reports. In 1970, special interests were placed before the interest of the people. We must stand behind every effort to keep our natural and national resources safe and clean.

Do you believe in man-made climate change and sea level rise? (yes/no)


How do you plan to mitigate the effects of climate change and build Florida’s resiliency?

Preserving our national resources through fully funding our Federal Parks System and restricting oil drilling, natural gas fracking, and mining where the impacts would cause destruction of native habitats or other environmental degradation. I support restriction of offshore drilling on Florida’s East Coast.

What’s your response to calls for ending the use of private prisons?

I will call for the ending of crime…and the implementation of crime prevention methods.

What does effective gun reform look like to you? Do you think the reforms passed at the state or federal level in the wake of Parkland are sufficient?

We have enough laws and regulations. The problem is not guns…it is people without spiritual direction. I believe in the Second Amendment right for individual citizens to bear arms in self-defense. I am a member of the National Rifle Association and support the enforcement of existing federal gun laws.

What plans do you have to boost Florida’s economy and encourage smart job creation?

I support free economic markets and encourage new business development and growth through policies advocating lower business taxes and less regulation. I trusts the marketplace and disfavors big government control and over-taxation of the inherent power of our capital-based economy.

What does an effective healthcare system look like to you?

I believe that our current healthcare system is not working for the average American. I supports the establishment of a market-based healthcare system and health savings accounts (HSA) that would allow Americans to control their own medical care, while having lower premiums and manageable deductibles and co pays. I believe we must focus on good healthcare before we get sick. Eating more wholesome food, including avoiding processed foods, and encouraging a healthy lifestyle, must be promoted at the national level to bring down the cost of healthcare, now too often delivered on the “back end” after sickness and disease are present. I support the overhaul of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), including efforts to determine whether the regulation of food and drugs may be misdirected or counter-productive to the health of our people.

How much support should the federal government offer to Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans displaced by Hurricane Maria?

The federal government should offer support…if and only if it is used properly, honestly and it is not just wasted.

What does effective immigration reform look like to you?

Comprehensive immigration reform is long overdue. Our current system must be overhauled to address those now here in the United States who deserve a chance to stay and establish clear policy and rules going forward on who will be admitted and how our borders must be secured. Immigrant visas for employment should be based on a point system, similar to those used successfully for decades by Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. I believe in uniform enforcement of immigration laws and to this end, providing government-sponsored legal services for unaccompanied alien children (UAC) who enter the United States and who are subject to deportation. I am an immigrant, I believe everyone who desires to immigrate to the United States should be given the right to apply under a reasonable set of rules. However, those who seek to enter illegally, when an established, legal, path to residency or citizenship is available (which is ignored) must suffer the consequences of their own actions, and be subject to deportation and other reasonable penalties.

Do you support the presence of sanctuary cities?

I support cancellation of federal funding to sanctuary cities that fail to enforce United States immigration laws.

Do you support calls to abolish ICE?


What action do you think the government should take on DACA?

They should stand behind president Trump who is their only chance to become legal in this country.

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