Meet Cristina Gonzalez, co-founder of Primary

With all this newfound time spent at home and thus, in our neighborhood, many of us are getting to know our neighbors a little bit more.

This ethos of knowing your neighborhood community is nothing new for Cristina Gonzalez, co-founder of Primary gallery and curatorial partner of Commissioner.

The backdrop of the interview is an exhibition appropriately called “Vecinos/Neighbors” by Lucia Hierro, where Cristina expands on Primary’s role in her local community and how important it is to be an authentic part of the neighborhood. Hierro’s work points to the everyday things and cultural queues that we sometimes take for granted. And for Cristina, a core part of the gallery’s mission is to create a space where creativity is celebrated in community .

What’s Commissioner? Glad you asked! It’s a program that’s reframing the conversation about arts patronage. Grounded in the belief that cities are made stronger by artists and a thriving creative ecology, supporting local and getting personal are some of the many things we can do to support our community. You can also learn more about the program here.

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