Meet our member: Dana Wall

Dana Wall

Today we’re continuing our series on the people who make what we do possible — our supporting members. ❤️ Today we’re featuring Dana Wall from Brickell.

Where in town might people run into you? All Day

What local business do you think deserves a shoutout? Verde Market, because they’re encouraging Miamians to step up their game when it comes to conscious consumerism.

What’s a local event you went to recently that you loved? I volunteered for Pinecrest Gardens’ resident artist, Xavier Cortada’s, participatory mangrove reforestation project. Check it out at @cortadaprojects!

What made you decide to become a member of The New Tropic? I have been reading TNT newsletters since before I even arrived in Miami four years ago, and I always find something enlightening or something to appreciate within them. I think the team is committed to authentic community-based work, and it shows!

What’s something you’re working on that you could use help with? I dream of opening my own coffee shop one day that serves as an anchor for a neighborhood. I’m starting some self-education courses on coffee, but I’m sure nothing quite does the job like hands-on experience. Put me in, coach!

If you only have one meal left in Miami, where are you going? The Frita burger from Lokal/Kush, because it is divine.

What’s a recent story you’ve read about Miami that you wish more people cared about? I’ve been reading a lot about how the Biscayne Bay seagrass ecosystem is dying because of decades of water pollution. With all the natural beauty we have here, it’s sometimes hard to forget that some of it is actually in peril!

What’s your perfect day in our city? Grabbing coffee, biking along the Venetian, going to the beach, getting fish tacos from the My Ceviche stand south of 5th, and passing out early watching “Schitt’s Creek.”

What does it mean to you to live like you live here? Appreciating the weather, the views, and the unique ecosystems we have access to here, and giving back to my community where and how I can.

What are you celebrating in your life right now? Toilet training my cat, and soon embarking on the journey to receive my professional accreditation (Urban Planning)!

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