Meet three more motivated Miamians taking on their wellness goals

Today we want to introduce you to three more participants looking to hit some serious goals as part of our Wellness Challenge. (Here are the other three participants we highlighted recently).

This week we’re pairing each of our Wellness Challengers with experts and resources and next month they’ll be sharing out what they learned with all of you.

And we didn’t forget the rest of you, Miami! Stay tuned for some more tips on working out beyond the gym, eating healthy on the cheap and even more.

Wave hello to our next group of wellness participants: April, Bradley and Kara.

April Dobbins
Wellness goal: To move more and exercise, and to eat better.

I really want to do more weightlifting. I go to the gym but I find it’s very hard to cross that line because all the jocks are on that side and it’s very intimidating.”


Bradley Strickland
Wellness goal: To improve overall wellness,  learn to swim, and get more comfortable in the water.

“I’m a marine biologist so I work a lot in the water and I just haven’t ever felt super comfortable.”


Kara Maynard
Wellness goal: To commit to a vegan lifestyle and become a vegan bodybuilder.

“I’ve tried a few times by myself and it’s pretty challenging without someone helping you. I want to switch to a vegan lifestyle and I also want to increase my muscle.”


And if you have any more tips on local people, businesses and/or other resources  that can help these folks out, or if you just want to cheer them on, hit us up at [email protected].