What questions do you have about this year’s Miami Beach elections?

Miami Beach has local elections on Nov. 7. And although mayoral candidate Dan Gelber has no strong opponent now that Michael Grieco dropped out of the race, there’s still a lot to talk about.

We’ll be breaking down the races and ballot referenda in our voter guide coming out soon. But first we want to hear what questions you’ve got heading into this election.

There are two issues we’ve been thinking about a lot lately.

Sea level rise: Miami Beach is the poster child for sea level rise. Convincing everyone, from residents to developers, that our little barrier island will not be underwater in a few years is a BFD and that won’t change. Leaders will need to keep finding more money to raise roads, install pumps, and take other resiliency measures. But sometimes taking those steps means we can’t preserve our historic buildings and natural surroundings that make our city what it is. There’s a battle brewing between maintaining our local character and protecting our city against a changing climate.

Livable vs. visitable: Miami Beach is known as a great place to visit and a great place to live. But tourist destinations and neighborhoods often have different needs – and Miami Beach hasn’t figured out what to do when livability comes at the expense of tourism dollars. The debates over Urban Beach Week, Airbnb, and Ocean Drive’s last call time underscore that.

So we want to know from you: What questions do you have for candidates about the challenges Miami Beach faces?

Here are some to get you thinking:

  • How do you want to see your money spent?
  • Are there public projects you have questions about?
  • Are you satisfied with the biking infrastructure in your neighborhood?

Tell us yours, below!