#QueFrio: Miami braces for the cold


We’re interrupting our regularly scheduled programming today to bring you important breaking coverage of the Miami coldpocalypse, because it is “liderally” all any of you are talking about.

There is an ALL-CAPS wind chill advisory in place for Miami this morning, and the National Weather Service advises: “IF YOU MUST VENTURE OUTDOORS…MAKE SURE YOU WEAR A HAT AND GLOVES.” The NWS anticipates today to be the coldest day yet of 2015, according to the Miami Herald.

It’s possible that cold could set new records today with temperatures approaching freezing in some parts of inland south and west Miami-Dade last night and early this morning, CBS4 reported. Area shelters are gearing up to help the homeless weather the cold snap, and you should bring your pets and plants inside if possible. Be careful also with heaters. A family in Sunrise was displaced yesterday when their heater malfunctioned and caused their home to catch fire, the Miami Herald reports.

Cold weather is bad news for farmers in South Florida, where frost can damage winter crops. Fortunately, the current cold spell also brings winds, which can prevent frost damage. Fun fact: In less windy cold snaps, some Florida farmers hire helicopters to fly low over their veggies to circulate air and protect crops from frost. To protect your own crops, experts recommend giving outdoor plants a good soak and covering them with mulch, sheets, or plastic until the weather warms up.

According to NWS records, the coldest day on record in Miami was 27 degrees Fahrenheit on February 3, 1917, and the last below-freezing temperature recorded in Miami was 30 degrees on Christmas Day, 1989. When it gets close to freezing in Miami, you have to watch out for falling, frozen iguanas. Yes, really.

Perhaps the most famous cold-weather event in Miami occurred January 19, 1977, when it actually snowed. The snow was big-time front-page news, and the Miami News even got out a special “souvenir edition” to commemorate the event. Some choice quotes from the News’s story on the snow day:

A North Miami Beach housewife called to exult, “I’ve lived in Miami all my life and this is the first time I’ve seen snow.”

A Good Buddy driving in the Miami area said over his CB radio, “Hey man, this must be New York.”

“Get some snow tires,” another said. “Miami is beautiful.”

We’re unlikely to get any snow today, but that didn’t stop you from commenting on the cold  — or dressing for it. We sent our creative-in-chief, Bruce Pinchbeck, out to catch your cold weather fashions, above, while the rest of us stayed warm in the newsroom to monitor your #quefrio tweets, instagrams and Facebook posts.

Stay warm this weekend, and keep the #quefrio going strong for us. Here are a few of our favorite of your social media shares from Miami’s cold weather so far:







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