Miami Fashion Spotlight: Michelle Nakah of SusyWho

(Courtesy of SusyWho,  Cesar Balbas photo)
(Courtesy of SusyWho, Cesar Balbas photo)

Instagram is fueling the quick growth of the Miami fashion scene. The app is an avenue that allows Miami fashion creatives — that is, designers, photographers, and bloggers — to connect, share ideas, and inspire each other. Through Instagram, we first discovered and were inspired by the subject of today’s fashion spotlight, Michelle Nakah.

Michelle’s designs caught our attention amid a sea of international brands because they are unique and made by a local designer. After digging deeper, we were more intrigued by Michelle as we discovered that her brand, SusyWho, prides itself on being manufactured in the United States. “I’m very passionate about giving back,” says Michelle. “I love the idea of generating jobs by giving my business to local seamstresses, small factories, textile companies, etc.”

Michelle’s passion for giving back is also evident through her brand’s messaging. The SusyWho Instagram feed, where she features her designs, is peppered with messages encouraging women to be happy with themselves, no matter their shape or size. SusyWho clothing also focuses on offering clothes to women of different fits, including plus sizes.

Michelle says her favorite part about being a fashionista is incorporating her favorite fashion trends into her size and shape. She developed her own fashion style as a size 12 and is inspired to translate her self-assurance and the satisfaction she gets from fashion through her clothing line. The creative process of being a designer allows her to share that experience with SusyWho customers via her garments, she said.

Michelle graduated from the Miami International University of Art and Design and has since encountered numerous opportunities in the local fashion scene. Her three proudest accomplishments include designing uniforms for local luxury hotels, such as the Fontainebleau; being featured in the Miami Fashion Designer Expo two years in a row; and, seeing her line sold at local boutiques, including Lapis at the Fontainebleau, Alessandra Gold Concept Store, Bloom, and Goldie Boutique.

Michelle sees Miami as a city with so much room for growth and for improvement in art and culture. Fortunately for us, she sees SusyWho being a part of that growth. “The fashion and plus-size scenes in Miami are growing by the minute. I see SusyWho being a part of that development by educating the local scene about the importance of ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ garments and of plus-size fashion.” For our part, we’re excited to know that local talent is and will continue advocating for these two important causes in the Miami fashion scene. They are, after all, integral to that diversity for which our beautiful city is known.