Looking for a new podcast? Here’s 16 made in Miami shows to check out

These days it seems like there’s a podcast for just about every topic and you’ve probably gotten more recommendations than you can handle.

That’s why we wanna help you sort through those suggestions and show a little love to some locals.

We compiled a list of podcasts that are made right here in the 305 or that focus on Miami and our fair Sunshine State.

They focus on everything from politics to books to entrepreneurs and there’s even a show dedicated to recapping old TV series.

1. When you wanna learn about locals doing good

Planted in Miami
Hosted by locals Jeanette and Alex Ruiz, the show focuses on entrepreneurs, businesses, organizations and individuals working to do positive things in the city.
Where to find it: iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn

2. When you want to hear from local politicians on the big local issues

Florida Action Cast
The show gathers SoFlo politicians, activists, experts and more to talk about the news and politics of the day. Learn more about it in a recent profile we wrote on host Matt Mawhinney.
Where to find it: iTunes, Stitcher

3. When you’re looking for a chill conversation

We Should Make a Podcast
Univision producer Grace Goldoni (based in Miami) and Mark Cersosimo, a freelance filmmaker (based in NYC) come together to talk about life, love and…Guy Fieri.
Where to find it: iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play

4. When you wanna revisit your favorite classic TV shows

The Best Show You Never Saw
Hosted by Miamian, TV fanatic and screenwriter Ximena Aliaguilla, the show recaps shows like “The Wire” and “Oz” and gives updated takes that are spoiler-free.
Where to find it: iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn

5. When you wanna hear from a couple bros on just about everything

Bird Road
Former Miami Herald reporter David Quinones and David Rosen talk about topics like politics in the local Hispanic community, Oscar nominations, and takes on TV shows—including listing their 11 favorite shows of all time.
Where to find it: iTunes, Google Play, Soundcloud

6. When you need that local perspective on national politics

Strange Days
Fernand Amandi, a former radio host and managing partner at polling firm Bendixen and Amandi, discusses politics and brings on guests to discuss topics like foreign policy and more.
Where to find it: iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher

7. When you need a reminder of just how weird our state is

Florida is Sinking
Ok so Brent and Jeremy aren’t technically based in Miami (they’re in central Florida), but they are Florida natives. They discuss the highs and lows of the Sunshine State including dealing with our hot summers and debating who are the greatest Floridians.
Where to find it: iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play

8. When you need your Miami fútbol fix

Magic City Soccer
Fútbol is buzzing in the 305 and Matthew Bunch, Drew Housman and Omar Moubayed have it all covered from the upcoming Miami MLS franchise to the established teams like Miami FC and Miami United FC.
Where to find it: iTunes, Soundcloud

9. When you’re in the mood for some local true crime stories

Felonious Florida
A true crime podcast from the Sun-Sentinel that focuses on two grisly crimes from 1994 and 2004 and dives deeper into the characters involved and the investigations that followed.
Where to find it: iTunes

10. When you’re plotting your next book club pick

Read More Podcast
Former WLRN producer and reporter Marva Hinton talks with authors and writers about their books, their work and their inspiration.
Where to find it: iTunesSoundcloud

11. For when you can’t quite make up your mind about what to listen to

Jolt Radio
This online radio station based in Miami is mostly known for its collection of DJs and genre-specific shows but it also has a mix of podcast-style talk shows. You can find all of them here—there’s a varied mix including: shows on tech entrepreneurship, a Game of Thrones show and a show all about comic books.
Where to find it: iTunes, Google Play

12. When you want to sharpen your writing

Writing Class Radio
This podcast is the love child of writing instructor Andrea Askowitz and her star student Allison Langer. They give tips on writing (no matter your experience level) and share stories from Andrea’s students and from their own experiences. If you feel inspired, you can even apply to attend one of Andrea’s classes right here in Miami and potentially have your story shared!
Where to find it: iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher

13. For when you want to hear some video game talk

Gamertag Radio
Operating since 2005, this podcast is a veteran in the game of talking about video games. Co-hosts Danny Peña (based in Miami), Parris Lilly (out west in California) and Peterocc (up in West Palm Beach) discuss games across various systems and platforms. From PS4 to PC to Xbox One, these guys have you covered.
Where to find it: iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify

14. For when you wanna hear about the latest in the art world

Art & Company
Miami artist Alette Simmons-Jimenez speaks with guests and artists of various disciplines about the latest happenings in the 305’s expanding art world. Alette has only recorded a few episodes but the show has included talks with local artists and curators and even a visit to the Dominican Republic!
Where to find it: iTunes, Stitcher, Android, TuneIn, Soundcloud

15.  If you need more sports talk in your life

Lemon City Live
Co-hosted by Gustavo Chacon and Edwin Garcia, this 305-bred crew breaks down all things Miami sports, national sports and just about anything in between—seriously, a recent episode feature discussion of Wrestlemania 34. And like some other local sports podcasts they also produce original content.
Where to find it: iTunes, Soundcloud

16. And if that’s somehow not enough sports conversation

Five Reasons Sports
If the other sports pods still aren’t your vibe you can check out this one hosted by veteran sports writer Ethan Skolnick and broadcaster Chris Wittyngham. While they touch on multiple subjects with their own local view, they also focus a lot on basketball (if you need your fix during the NBA playoffs). Some related podcasts you can check out are: Ballscast, which touches on sports, politics and a little more humor, Three Yards per Carry which focuses on the Dolphins and The Miami Heat Beat which focuses on the 305’s favorite ballers.
Where to find it: Podbean, iTunes

This post was updated to include additional podcast recommendations from our readers.