These Miami love stories will bring a smile to your face

Love is hard. And we’re not just talking about romantic love. Love is anytime we give a little bit of ourselves to someone else — a friend, a family member, someone we care about.

That’s why we decided to celebrate our readers’ love stories. Inspired by The New York Times’ Tiny Love Stories, we asked for 100-word love stories and folks did not disappoint.

We got more than 40 submissions and we decided to share three of them here with you. Hopefully they bring you a smile (and maybe a laugh).

“As an arborist, I get quite a few funny requests…cat or drone retrieval in trees, etc. One day, I was asked to ‘borrow a chainsaw,’ by an incredibly capable, athletic & beautiful woman because of a very dangerous branch she was worried about over her driveway. I went over to her house with all my climbing gear, ready to come to her rescue. As I reached up from the ground and pulled the branch down with one hand, I knew the trap had been sprung, we’ve been in love ever since!” — Ian Wogan

“I finally dove into the Miami online dating game. Things were going well. After a great night out, I called an Uber to get home. That Uber driver and I have now been dating for 2 1/2 years. Go figure. It may not be true love, but it works for Miami love.” — Cecelia Smith

“Come over” he texted. A huge smile spread across my face. There was nowhere I would rather be, but it was 11:00pm, and I’m not a last minute kind of girl. Mental debate ensued as I made my way to the elevator to walk my dog. I pressed the down arrow and as the doors swung closed behind me, my phone buzzed, “I care about you.” My heart melted, face flushed, and cheeks hurt. Twenty long floors later, the doors parted. My screen lit up again, “And I love you.” Choke! “Sorry that was for someone else.” — Jessica Boudreaux

Illustrations by Haley Weaver