The Miami Maker Faire is back this weekend

This weekend, Miami-Dade College will be full of makers, from engineers to artists to scientists. It’s like Etsy in real life, plus ROBOTS! It’s the Miami Maker Faire, one of 30 maker faires that happen all around the country, aimed at connecting, showcasing, and encouraging all types of makers from all disciplines.

Last year it was but a wee mini-faire housed in Wynwood, but this year it’s a full blown, two-day, fully programmed maker extravaganza. It’s happening at the downtown Wolfson Campus in collaboration with MANO, a nonprofit that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship. They’re transforming empty lots into places where you can learn how to make everything from videogames to art made out of tape.

The setup will be similar to the Miami International Book Fair (but a bit smaller in scale). There will be several outdoor booths where visitors can learn from the featured makers, as well as a speaker series inside, if you’re more of a sit-and-listen type of learner.

There are going to be more than 100 organizations present, and 28 international makers flying in from Spain and Latin America. The showcase will feature everyone from NASA to Moonlighter Maker Space to Lulu’s Nitrogen Ice Cream.

These are five makers we’re pretty pumped about, but you can check them all out here. Here’s a full schedule of events.

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Tickets: General admission is $15. Free for kids 5 and under and MDC students, faculty and staff.
When: Saturday and Sunday, April 8 to 9 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Where: MDC Wolfson Campus, Kyriakides Plaza, 300 N.E. Second Ave. ” img=”” color=”142, 201, 200, 0.1″]

Be the Hamster Frozen Beverages
These are snow cones made from the energy created when a person walks on a giant hamster wheel! Dessert, exercise AND sustainability all in one. Each person makes their own snow cone by walking on the wheel.

Josuhe Pagliery
Pagliery created and designed Savior, the first independent video game in Cuba. It’s going to be released in 2018. At the Maker Faire, Pagliery will demonstrate his process for creating a video game in a country with extremely limited internet and computing services.

MDC Exhibits
Miami-Dade College students from several different schools will be showcasing projects in areas like arts and architecture, gaming, fashion, culinary arts, and film. Some of the things you’ll see are demonstrations of self-driving vehicles and a city made of legos, which could be used as a model for building affordable housing in the future. There will also be lessons on everything from how to make movie magic to vacuum sealing food.

Maker Danny Scheible created Tapigami — using tape to make large-scale installations — as a way to make art more accessible. He encourages visitors to stop by and help make art with him.

Ceramic League of Miami
Learn how ceramics work, buy some pots, and even throw some clay down and try to make your own if you’re feeling so inclined.