Looking to go shopping this mango season? Here are some Miami spots to check out

Many of us here in the 305 have more mangoes in our lives than we can handle once the season gets started.

But we got a question from a reader looking to buy his own, so he wouldn’t have to depend on a co-worker bringing in their extras.

Reader James Nickoloff asked: “Where can one find locally grown mangoes for sale? I never see them in farmers markets or street stands anywhere in May or June.”

We asked our readers and they offered a bunch of suggestions. Check them out, and happy shopping!

Head down south

Several of our readers suggested heading to southern Miami-Dade to stock up on some mango goodness. Robert is Here in Homestead offers a great mix of local fruit for sale, including mangoes.

Other spots down south include the Redland Community Farm and Market, the Southwest Community Farmers Market at Tropical Park, and the market at Pinecrest Gardens.

There’s also the Casaplanta Garden Center which has mangoes and mango trees for sale, and is hosting a mango festival next month.

Some of our readers also suggested driving around the Palmetto Bay and Pinecrest area — particularly around Old Cutler Road — looking for roadside sellers. They also said to make sure that these sellers are actually offering local mangoes (if that’s what you’re really seeking).

Markets are your friend

If you don’t live down south, and don’t want to drive too far, you can also find mango merchants at farmers markets at Legion Park and in Coconut Grove.

And the folks at Edible South Florida also have a guide to summer fruit festivals in SoFla, including ones happening all over town.

And if all else fails…

For the price of admission to the Deering Estate, you can grab some mangoes and also check out a beautiful piece of 305 history.

Happy hunting!