The five stages of mango season

Mango season is upon us, and with it, all the emotions.

First, there’s the anticipation. The leaves are a bit greener, the small bulbs at the edge of the tree branches are beginning to swell.  You know the days of bounty are near.

Then there’s the jealousy and the conniving, as they emerge. You notice mangoes all around you, just out of reach, teasing you. Your annoying neighbor’s massive tree dangles over the fence with its surplus of just ripened fruits. You remember that you really have been meaning to invite those neighbors over for dinner, you’ve just been busy until now.

Then you get desperate. You remember your ex’s huge tree and you have to use every bit of your self-restraint to not send that “I miss you” text. Aren’t the season’s first mangoes worth sacrificing a little bit of your pride?

Then there’s the excitement, and relief. The season begins and mangoes are everywhere! On the side of the road. In every dessert, smoothie, and cocktail you can consume. Bags of them mysteriously appear on your desk at work. It’s glorious! “Eat all the mangoes!” you chant until you’re orange in the face.

Then there’s the anxiety. You’ve run out of ways to eat them. All those mangoes are just sitting on your counter, mocking you and attracting fruit flies.

We suspect this is the point John David Arroyo was at when he asked The New Tropic for a little help figuring out what to do with the sweet oblong jewels we’ve waited for all year. John, say no more fam.

And if you’re still uncertain about what to do with all those mangos, ask Abuela. (Or find our office, we gotchu)